Where are Senox rain gutter products made?

Senox Aluminum Products

Aluminum is produced in Mount Holly, South Carolina. Paint is manufactured in Birmingham, Alabama. Aluminum coil is painted in Mesquite, Texas. Downspouts, Elbows, and Accessories are rolled and stamped in Austin, Texas.

Senox Copper Products

Copper is produced in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania. Downspouts, Elbows, and Accessories are rolled and stamped in Austin, Texas.

Senox Steel Products

Steel is produced in Birmingham, Alabama. Downspouts, Elbows, and Accessories are rolled and stamped in Austin, Texas.

Are Senox products recyclable?

Yes. American scrap has been recycled, melted, rolled and painted into coil that Senox uses to manufacture products. Scrap from our manufacturing is recycled again for future coil.

How can Senox help me be more Green?

Recycle rainwater: The first step to rainwater collection or rainwater harvesting is by collecting the rainwater runoff from your roof using a rain gutter system. The rainwater can be collected in a variety of rain barrels, stored, and later recycled for non-potable uses such as watering your lawn.

Reduce environmental impact by protecting your home: Rain gutters direct rain water runoff away from the foundation of your home. Failure to do this can cause problems with your foundation, splash back that will rot wood siding and framing, and moisture content that attracts insect infestations. All of these can become very expensive for you and creates the need for more materials to be used to correct the problems.

Use recyclable materials: Senox products are made from scrap that has been melted rolled and painted and are recyclable.

Are there less expensive alternatives to copper?

Senox offers two painted aluminum colors that provide the look of copper without the price tag. Copper Metallic provides the look of copper with a slight patina. It is like a penny that is still fairly new. The paint is infused with specks of copper and finished with a high gloss coat. Rustic Copper is another copper alternative that has the appearance of older copper. It is has a two-tone textured finish that mimics the look of patina. Unlike copper, Copper Metallic and Rustic Copper painted aluminum gutter products will not patina.

Which gutter guard product works the best?

Gutter guard products are highly recommended to keep out large leaves and debris that can clog your gutter. However, there is not a specific type of gutter guard that works best for everyone. There are several factors to consider before selecting your gutter guard including the kinds of leaves and debris you have, if there is any tree sap that may hinder the effectiveness of a specific product, and what can be properly installed on the roof/fascia configuration of your home. Ask your contractor about these factors and the best gutter guard options for your home.

Why are there streaks on my gutters?

Streaks on gutters are usually a result of Tiger Striping which is caused by dirt and pollution build-up on the top lip of the gutter. Moisture combines with pollutants and dirt, they stream down the face of the gutter, following the same path every time. If you don’t wash your car regularly, you can notice the same Tiger Striping occur. To learn more about Tiger Striping and how to clean it, you can visit our blog by clicking here.

Why are there faded spots on my gutters?

In most cases, faded spots on gutters are a result of using spray paint. Spray paint is often used for touchups, covering a large area with paint to cover small scratches. Some contractors may even paint some pieces of the gutter system with spray paint before installing. Senox discourages this practice because the spray paint will fade much faster than baked on enamel, leaving an uneven or blotchy appearance. That is why Senox offers every visible part of the gutter system in every color. Senox painted aluminum products have a baked on paint finish for lasting beauty. Senox also offers a brush on touch up paint for accurate application to minor nicks and scratches if needed.



Why is it dark on the inside of Senox gutters?

Senox uses Shadow BAK Wash Coat on the inside of gutters. Shadow BAK Wash Coat is a translucent black coating specifically formulated by Senox’s Research and Development Department to provide the non-reflective and disappearing properties of black while softening the contrast by creating an anodized bronze appearance.

Why black? Colored wash coats reflect the color to the surrounding surfaces and to our eyes; Shadow BAK Wash Coat does not. The perceived color of an object is directly affected by its surrounding environment. Light colors look brighter and dark colors look richer. The human eye does not perceive black’s occupied space but perceives the colors around it. Black absorbs the visible spectrum and does not reflect light. This is why Shadow BAK Wash Coat subconsciously erases the transition from the gutter to the roof.

Why does Senox encourage contractors to use oval outlets and Black MAX Punches?

Outlets can be broken up into three shape categories: round, oval, and rectangular. Water can only drain as quickly as the hole (or outlet) allows.

When installing rectangular downspouts the round outlets restrict drainage because they do not fill the space in the opening of the downspout. Think of a silver dollar sitting on a business card. That is about the relation you see of a round outlet inside a rectangular downspout. Round outlets in most rectangular downspouts can only be fastened with one screw because the outlets are not large enough to make contact with more than one side of the downspout, and the size of the downspout cannot be fully utilized to drain water because the outlet is too small.

Senox oval outlets and rectangular outlets both fill the opening of the downspout; however, the rounded edges of the oval outlets create a funnel-like action to more efficiently drain rain water from the gutter trough. Think about other pipes and plumbing; they are all round instead of rectangular because of the increased drainage capabilities. Senox outlets also have dimples that lock the outlet in place when used in a hole made with a Black MAX Punch.

The Black MAX Punch was designed to create precise holes for the outlets. Of the alternative outlets punches, one kind creates holes that are too large and require extra screws to secure the outlet in place. Another punch cuts an X into the gutter trough and the flaps are folded down to mimic an outlet. Over time the trough will tear at the corners of the cuts, requiring much of the gutter system to be replaced. Another alternative for the contractor is to hand-cut the hole. This takes more time and is less accurate and attractive. The Black MAX Punch is fast and creates clean, precise holes.

How do I match my paint and gutters?
Senox has worked with Sherwin Williams to match all of our gutter colors with their paint. Simply ask your local Sherwin Williams team member to look us up in their national account database and select ‘Senox’ as the company profile.